Hair Transplant Cost

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Hair Transplant CostThe cost of a hair transplant has can vary from physician to physician depending on several factors including geographic region. The good news is that the cost of a hair transplant has actually come down considerably over the past 10 years with the average cost per graft being between $4 and $6.

Many hair transplant surgeons will charge less per graft as the number of grafts that need to be moved increases. For example, a 1000-1500 graft case might average out to be $5 per graft, but the physician may drop the cost per graft to $3.50 if the patient needs 3000 grafts in a single session. The opposite is true for a very small procedure where a patient might only need a few hundred grafts, like in the case of an eyebrow transplant. Some physicians still charge by the session and this price option has also come down considerably.

It's important to never let price be your only deciding factor when choosing a hair transplant surgeon. Many hair transplant mills will advertise $2 per graft hair transplants or even 69 cent per hair to lure unsuspecting, and vulnerable hair loss sufferers through their doors. These businesses are usually run by entrepreneurs paying untrained, unskilled and sometimes unethical physicians to perform the surgery. Remember, any licensed physician can claim to be a hair transplant specialist with absolutely zero training or experience. Do not fall into this trap!

Once you choose the right hair transplant surgeon for you, no matter what the cost, you can always finance you procedure in order to have the option of making low monthly payments. So again, the most important factor in choosing a hair transplant surgeon is finding someone who makes you comfortable in all aspects of the process.

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ronitwillson said:

Cost of Hair Transplant in India
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Soniya said:

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Hair transplant cost depend on how many no. of graft you require to restore your hair. Hair transplant in Indore offers hair transplantation service with affordable cost with best result.
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Vinay said:

Hair Transplantation in India
I totally agree with the author, hair transplantation costs varies from country to country. With the medical tourism becoming effortless, patients now can choose the right surgeon whom they think is the right one. If you are someone looking to have transplantation in India, I would recommend you Dr.Ram of Akruti, he's one of the most skilled and experienced surgeon for hair transplantation in India. The costs are really affordable, I don't know the present pricing but you can make your consultation with clinic for exact pr icings and all
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cesarsparks said:

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drdeepakkalia said:

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olmeccosmeticsurgery said:

Affordable Hair transplant cost in delhi
Dr Kaushik Provides one of the Best and Affordable Hair transplant Cost in delhi
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Hair transplant dubai said:

Hair transplant dubai
Hair transplant clinic in Dubai is considered as one of the pioneers in the industry of hair transplant in the UAE. We are providing our quality services to the perspective clients for more than a decade from the UAE and the entire Gulf region. We are providing quality hair transplant services to our clients at competitive cost.
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rpsinghsethi said:

Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi
Nowadays, there are so many clinics who offer lucrative offers on the cost of hair transplant, but the reality is that the result-driven clinics are few one's in India especially. If we talk about hair transplant cost in Delhi then Hair & Senses is the affordable one.
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John said:

Lots of clinics in India offers affordable hair transplant cost as compare to USA, UK & Turkey etc. That's why getting
Hair transplant in Hyderabad is getting popularity. So lets come to south cities of India , lets enjoy the beautiful nature of southern cities and get best hair transplantation surgery in India.
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